1970-1980* Spitfire Bonnet Lift kit


P1212 Triumph Spitfire Bonnet Lift Kit (70 - 80): $89.95

P1212L Replacement Gas Cylinder: $25.95

(Note: Red car is a GT6, but Kit installs identically to 70-80 Spitfire).

Everyone knows how heavy and awkward the Spitifire Bonnet is. And a few of us have even been "clam-shelled" under it! So treat yourself and your bonnet to this marvelous new Bonnet Lift Kit!

Two powerful gas springs will now make lifting your bonnet a thing of ease! The initial lifting force is substantially reduced, and after opening only a portion, the springs take over completely and raise your bonnet Fully Open.

Plus your bonnet now has Even Support, and there is No risk of it crashing down.

Lowering the bonnet is so much better, too! The weight does not build and build like before, but instead you "pull" the bonnet down and then lower it for only the last portion while the springs help counterbalance the weight!

This cleverly engineered design requires NO DRILLING. Custom fabricated brackets and ball studs fasten to existing geometry. Gas Springs have even been custom made for just this application--they are not "off the shelf."

Treat yourself and your Spitfire to a little luxury!

*This Kit (#P1212) will fit all Mk4 and later (1970-1980) "square tail" Spitfires. It is the Only Kit that fits the 79-80 Model years with the slanted radiator. We make a different Kit (#P1207) for 1962-1970 Spitfires (Mk 1-Mk3) that mounts to the radiator. Note: if you prefer the radiator mounted design over the frame mounted design, order Kit #P1207 (which will in fact fit ALL Spitfires between 1962 and 1978).


"Just installed my lift kit...it was too easy to install and it works too well...something must be wrong.... If you think you don't need this, you are wrong. The engineering is spot on and the install was a breeze. Hats off to this and the folks involved!”

-Dave S. Colorado Springs, CO TRExperience blog

Thanks for such a brilliantly engineered kit. Fitted in minutes and has transformed the bonnet lifting experience!

-Kev, Essex, UK

I just purchased the bonnet lift kit for my 1979 Spitfire, and was amazed how easy it was to install, even for this 72 year old guy. I love [these] on my Spitfire.

R. Robertson, Zephyrhills, FL