Premium Armrests For '72 - '80 MGB's


P1066 Premium armrest for MGB: $69.95

Replace your worn out armrest with this premium quality piece for just a few dollars LESS than the vinyl replacement (currently $88.99 at the largest Brit parts retailer).

  • Leather. Won't tear at seams. Won't crack in cold weather. Even smells nice!

  • Correct Beading. Other armrests use fat beading.

  • Superior needlework and upholstering. Corners are crisp, edges are sharp. No rollover.

  • Grained black fiberboard underpanel. Other armrests use plain black cardboard.

  • Tacked, not stapled. Just like factory armrests.

  • Please see this page for an Extra-Thick Premium Armrest for all 1972-1980 MGB's.