Standard Protective Grille


P1068P Grille, Standard Protective; (1990-1997)

P1113P Grille, Standard Protective; (1999-2000)

P1130P Grille, Standard Protective; (2001-2005)

P1167P Grille, Standard Protective; (2004-5 MazdaSpeed)

Enhance your Miata's good looks and keep out unwanted debris with this Grille!

Adding a Grille is the single most dramatic improvement you can make to your Miata's appearance! It will also protect both your engine radiator and your air conditioner radiator from damage due to stones and other road debris.

These Protective Grilles are made of steel, and have a durable powdercoated - not painted - finish of silver or black. They visually stand out more than the High-Flow Grilles but let plenty of air through, having 58% open area.

Installation is easy. This should have been a factory part; no Miata should be without one.


"I found your company by searching 'miata grille' on Google. thanks for the fast service. I just spent $800 having my air conditioner condenser replaced due to a rock hitting it!"

-M. Hallock; Santa Cruz, California