Robert Clark


Clark & Clark Specialty Products, Inc. was founded in 1989 with the introduction of our first product: the polyethylene Battery Bin for MGB. We now manufacture approximately 200 products, most of which are in the automotive field. We are located in Michigan.

We specialize in:

  • Creative product ideas.
  • Good, simple design
  • Short run manufacturing (100-5000 annual volume)

We work with most any materials and most any manufacturing methods.

We specialize in lesser-known and proprietary manufacturing methods which allow us to bring low-volume products to market that may not otherwise be financially feasible.

We manufacture primarily in the US, with some items made in Canada and the Far East.

Friends and Family

The prototype that started it all

Yeah I had this up to about 120...

Clark & Clark Jr.

The Skipper

1:1 Scale!

First son's prom night

Second son working on his Spitfire

"Sean with the wind"

MG Reno gathering

Restoring Rich's 100-6 back in college