Automatic Bleeder Valve for 308/328 Engine


P1222E Automatic Bleeder Valve for 308/328 Engine: $30.00

Does your Ferrari “wet” the ground? This is a common problem, occurring when a little air is trapped in the cooling system and expands--forcing coolant into the overflow tank and onto the ground.

But bleeding the last gasp of air from your Ferrari’s cooling system is a royal Pain! Until now.

This super-cool Automatic Bleeder Valve takes the place of your bleed screw and allows air out, but shuts instantly when liquid contacts it!

Installation is Easy. Kit consists of a custom Threaded Bushing and the Auto Bleed Valve that, together, directly replace the Bleed Screw located on your engine's thermostat housing. Guaranteed for 5 years.

This part works hand-in-hand with the Automatic Bleeder Valve for Radiator.

Fantastic upgrade!