Automatic Bleeder Valve for 308/328 Radiator


P1222 Automatic Bleeder Valve for 308/328 Radiator: $25.00

Does your Ferrari “wet” the ground? This is a common problem, occurring when a little air is trapped in the cooling system and expands--forcing coolant into the overflow tank and onto the ground.

But bleeding the last gasp of air from your Ferrari’s cooling system is a royal Pain! Until now.

This super-cool Automatic Bleeder Valve takes the place of your bleed screw and allows air out, but shuts instantly when liquid contacts it!

Installation is Incredibly Easy. Takes ONE minute! Direct replacement for your radiator bleed screw. Guaranteed for 5 years.

This part works hand-in-hand with the Automatic Bleeder Valve for 308/328 Engine.

Fantastic upgrade!


I have the bleeders installed on my '81 308 GTSi now. It'a great solution for having to manually bleed the air out of the system after a service. Thanks.
Jeff K. South Carolina