Bonnet Lift Kit for MGB


P1138 Bonnet Lift Kit for MGB: $49.95

P1166 Bright, SS Cover Set for MGB Bonnet Struts: $29.95

P1138L Replacement Gas Spring: $19.95

Convert your old factory prop to this trick pneumatic kit!

Not only will this slick conversion grab attention, it is equally practical, too.

Experience the pleasure of having the hood rise to an almost vertical position, aiding tremendously in lighting and in elbow & head room for anyone working in the engine bay.

Additionally, this kit prevents stress and warpage by supporting evenly--on both sides. Kit fits all MGB bonnets, both steel and aluminum.

Installation requires drilling to mount brackets. Detailed, illustrated instructions included.

Dress up these rear hatch struts with Bright Stainless Steel Covers! (See 2nd and 3rd photos)


"A must have improvement for your MGB!"

-C. Kimberly; Niagra Falls, NY