Bonnet Lift Kit for TR6


P1238H Bonnet Lift Kit for TR6: $99.95

Make lifting your bonnet a thing of ease! Additionally, eliminate the uneven support from the factory prop, and the twisting to your bonnet it can cause over the years.

Check out the 30 second video!

Our cleverly engineered design requires only two discreet holes be drilled. Fully illustrated Installation instructions can be found below.

This is a modification you will appreciate Every time you open your bonnet!


"I then opened my bonnet lift kit from Clark and Clark and installed it. Boy that is a real neat little kit. You pull the release and with one finger effortlessly lift the hood maybe 6 inches and the struts take over raising it to full height as you watch. Trick! The components were very well finished, packaged nicely, shipped punctually, and the instructions were easy and true leaving nothing to guess at. The two lift struts, positioned one on each side, are unobtrusive, lay fairly flat out of the way of engine bay workings with the hood open. i don't know why I waited so long to do this."
Albert G.