"Bump-Out"  Access Cover for TR Gearbox Cover
Find proper location
Hold in place
Trace location
Drill pilot holes
Attach with screws
Remove cover, sketch opening
Cut with saw

"Bump-Out" Access Cover for TR Gearbox Cover


P1228 "Bump-Out" Access Cover for TR Gearbox Cover: $29.95

This is the long-unavailable cover which Triumph made and supplied on cars with the angled speedo-drive or overdrive. It provides necessary clearance as well as access for serviceability.

These are expensive to produce. They are laid up by hand with first a layer of gel-coat, then several layers of fiberglass cloth and resin, cured, de-molded, trimmed, sanded, painted, and holes drilled.

We supply these complete with adhesive-backed gasket, and screws.

See photos for installation.


The bump-outs arrived on Thursday and I have already installed one! Fits perfectly and great product! Thank you!
Steve M. Hamilton, ON