Door Latch Shim For Jaguar E-Type


P1178S4 E-Type Door Latch Shim (set of 4): $21.95

P1178S6 E-Type Door Latch Shim (set of 6): $31.95

Adjust your E-type door strikers for full, proper engagement! Do you see wear on only a fraction of your strike plate's gear teeth?

If this describes your Jaguar, get better engagement by using these shims!

The Jaguar factory used these, but they have not been available for many years, and many originals have been lost during restorations. Made of lightweight aluminum, each shim is approximately 1/16" thick, and cut to exacting dimensions.

Several shims may be required, depending on how much adjustment your Jag needs. Sold in sets of 4 (almost 1/4 inch total) and 6 (almost 3/8 inch total).