Dual Pneumatic Prop Kit For MGBGT Rear Hatch


P1139 MGBGT Dual Pneumatic Hatch Kit: $75.95

P1139L Replacement Gas Cylinder: $24.95

Convert from your old, worn, greasy steel springs to this custom dual prop format!

This kit works great and looks great! Your trunk lid will gently rise open all by itself after you lift it part way. Plus, you will no longer be wearing holes in your upholstered panels--which always happens--by the factory springs!

Installation is easy, requiring minor drilling to mount brackets.

Not only will these slick conversions grab attention, they are equally practical, too.

Dress your new strut kit with Bright Stainless Steel Covers!


Greetings from Nova Scotia! A few months back I ordered your MGB GT hatch strut kit. Finally (after hip replacement surgery in October) I was able to get at the installation this week...

Well! What a happy camper you've got here! After 45 years of ownership, and having borne several bruises, I can now watch it float open!

Will highly recommend to any other GT owner!

Terry W. Halifax, Nova Scotia