Whole P1137 Kit plus SS Covers
Mount two brackets for RH side
No drilling required LH side

Dual Pneumatic Trunk Prop Kit For MGB


P1137 Dual Pneumatic Trunk Prop Kit (for '71 - '80 MGB's with factory telescoping prop): $49.95

P1137E Dual Pneumatic Trunk Prop Kit (for '62 - '70 MGB or MGC with factory "kick stand" prop): $59.95

P1137L Replacement Gas Cylinder: $19.95

Convert your old factory prop to this trick pneumatic kit!

Not only will this slick conversion grab attention, it is equally practical, too.

Enjoy the wonderful convenience of having the trunk lid rise by itself and shut with just one hand. Plus the kit is foolproof insurance that your rigid factory prop can never ruin your trunk lid as has happened with so many MGB's.

This Kit also prevents stress and warp to your lid by supporting evenly--on both sides.

Dress up these rear hatch struts with Bright Stainless Steel Covers!