Hatch Support Struts


P1188L One OEM gas spring PT Cruiser RR hatch. TWO PIECES required. Spring only - No end fitting.: $25.95

P1188EF1 End fitting for PT Cruiser Gas Spring, one pair: $5.95

Does your PT's Rear Hatch not lift as quickly as it used to? Or even need a little help? Replace yours today with a brand new set!

All Gas Springs have a useful life--usually between 7 and 10 years--and those last couple of years offer poor performance before they fail completely. You will love the transformation...they make your PT like new again!

These are USA made by the OEM manufacturer, not some cheap import imitation. Installation is easy, and detailed, illustrated instructions are included. Order yours today!

... And don't forget to grab a pair of Bright Stainless Steel Covers at the same time if you really want to dress up your baby.