"Hip Pockets" Trash Container


P1135BK Black (2001-2005): $11.95

P1135DT Dark Taupe (2001-2005): $11.95

Protect your PT from litter with this custom bin!

Why in the world don't the auto manufacturers give us a place for our trash? Do you find yourself stuffing your ash tray or filling your map pocket with gum wrappers, receipts, or tissues? Well, no more! Here is a custom solution just for PT owners.

This "Hip Pocket" snaps right in to your door pocket. It will protect your PT from the messiest sticky candy or greasy hamburger wrapper, and is large enough to handle most anyone's in-car needs! It can be easily removed for emptying, and is even dishwasher safe!

Made of high-impact plastic. Available in two colors: specify black or dark taupe. Fits driver and passenger front door storage pockets. Buy two! Does not fit PT convertible.

Images shown with matching sunglasses bin.


"Got my hip pockets and I love them! Where can I leave my positive comments?"

-T. Montero, Seaside OR