"Invisible" Headlamp Covers


P1015 "Invisible" Headlamp Covers, PAIR: $29.95

A classic accessory from the past!

These headlamp covers which were widely available in the 1960's and 1970's protect your lamps from flying debris yet are practically invisible. For those of you who aren't keen on the wire grate look, or the clips and screws required to install them, keep your British car looking original with these covers.

Unlike wire grates, no stones of any size (or mud!) get through these covers. Covers mount cleverly and simply as they fit between the headlamp and its retaining ring...no fasteners necessary. Virtually unbreakable, and will last for years.

Formed by the OEM manufacturer on the Original Tooling created in the 1960's these are the LAST ones that will be made as the tooling is now destroyed. They are "drape formed" by hand, letting gravity sag the plastic until an operator stops the sag by removing the part from the heat and blowing air to cool the part. Every part is slightly different, and there are slight visual imperfections--typical of 1970's quality. But these imperfections all but disappear when installed (see photos!). These were sold under the Penetrator brand label nationwide in former decades.

Fits all 7" headlamps