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Mesh Grille Insert For '62-'74* MGB or Early MG Midget


P1204A Mesh Grille Insert for MGB or Early MG Midget: $59.95

Make your MGB stand out in the crowd with our Mesh Grille Insert!
Not only will it make your MGB look fantastic, it will give you superior ventilation and cooling, which is why racers have long used Mesh in front of their radiators.

There are several versions of the MGB Chrome Grille (both factory and aftermarket) each with their own geometric variations, so it is left to YOU to devise a way to mount this piece. Usually, a few screws and washers attached to the substructure of the grill is all it takes to hold the mesh in place. Mesh is sent as a rectangle, cut on a 45 so the squares are oriented like diamonds (as in photo). If you are good with tools, the results are stunning!

*Not suitable for the 70-72 "fish mouth" grill design.

Made of bright lightweight aluminum mesh.


Overall, the difficulty was not that bad and I think it looks great (see the attached photo). Thanks!"

-Bryan J.