MG Crest Keys


P1028 Crest MG Key

These beautiful keys were originaly supplied by MG dealers.

The MG marque is stamped in relief on the key head. Keys are highly polished solid brass. (You may paint the background on your own like the red key shown if you like!). Keys are sent as blanks, and can be cut at any local key shop for a nominal charge. Be sure to check fit before cutting. Available in six lock types.

FA or MRN: fit T-types. Check ID letters on your lock barrel face (see photo).

FP: fits MGA ignitions.

FS: fits MGB,C and Midget ignitions and gloveboxes 1962 - 1969. fits all MGB,C and Midget trunk and door locks (1962 - 1980).

AA2 fits MGB and Midget ignitions 1970 - 1977.

RV1 fits MGB and Midget ignitions 1978 - 1980.