MG Crested Tire Valve Caps


P1093B Brass Tire Valve Caps: $7.50

P1093N Chrome Tire Valve Caps: $7.50

P1093BS Brass Tire Valve Caps, Set of 4: $29.95

P1093NS Chrome Tire Valve Caps, Set of 4: $29.95

These handsome tire valve caps are of the highest quality.

Eight-sided (not six-sided like others) and properly stamped with the MG logo in relief (others use printed labels!). Made in solid brass.

Add that understated elegance to your MG.

Caps fit all MGs or even your American iron. Sold individually; order 4 or 5 per your needs. Brass, or Bright Chrome finish.

Note: painted background is easily achieved by dipping part in paint color of your choice, then wiping high spots with a laquer thinner soaked paper towel. Parts are sent without colored background.