MGB Leather Shift Boot


P1125L Shift Boot, Leather, MGB, black: $29.95

This is the best boot available! Other boots are sewn with an open flap at the top to clear the shift knob. This may save a few minutes for installation, but the result is a non-original, "your fly is open" appearance.

Our shift boot uses supple, garment-weight black leather, and correct stitching that is indistinguishable from the factory's.

We include a set of detailed instructions that makes installation easy (about 20 minutes).

Give your MG cockpit the look, feel, and smell of leather.

For 1968-71 MGB's, as Original and 1972-80 MGB's, as an upgrade.


"I put the shift boot on my wifes car (along with an earlier chrome bottom hold down) and it looks and fits great. The leather is so nice that you can see that it is leather without even smelling it. I will order one for my car when I get a little closer to finishing."