New and Improved MGB Map Pockets


P1199LH Map Pocket, Left Hand (USA Driver): $32.00

P1199RH Map Pocket, Right Hand (USA Passenger): $32.00

P1199F Full Sized (rectangular) Map Pocket as original. Can be modified as desired with woodworking tools: $32.00

Make your MGB more enjoyable by replacing your old Map Pocket, and adding a driver's side Map Pocket to your MGB!

Similar to the original, but so different!

The factory Map Pocket suffers from being narrow and deep. It is hard to reach into, and impossible to see into. Plus, they are only on the passenger side, out of reach of the driver.

This new design, while being similar to the factory's is SO much more usable. The front is cut down enabling the user to SEE what is inside, and to much more easily REACH what is inside.

Very handy for your british driving cap, gloves, cell phone, coin caddy, gps, sunglasses, magazines, snacks, CDs, papers, trash, and even...maps.

These New Map Pockets are made of tough, black, textured ABS plastic just like the center console and other interior items. They are far more durable than the fibreboard the factory used. They can be used just as is, or can be painted, or covered in carpet or vinyl to match your interior panels. They mount just like the factory design with screws through the flanges.

Note: Our MGB Map Pocket Dimensions are same as factory's: 7" high x 14.25" long x 2" deep.


"Hi Robert, I got the map pockets today and already installed them! Great product that will aid many LBC lovers. I'm going to post a positive message and a picture on the MG EXPERIENCE website. Thank you for producing product and FAST shipping. Merry Christmas to you and your family."