Oil Filter Tool 348/355/360/430/Enzo


P1250 Oil Filter Tool 348/355/360/430/Enzo: $35.00

If you change your own oil, you MUST use a tool like this.

Unlike conventional oil filters that require just a half or three-quarters turn of tightening, the Ferrari Filters require 25-30 NM* of torque to compress the o-ring gasket and prevent leaking.

This tool is laser cut to fit the filter flutes, then the bridge is formed up and welded to the ring by hand in our jig. Black powder-coat finish. Should last a lifetime.

3/8" drive--preferable imo for the torque range. Lightweight for handling in tight quarters. Less than half the cost of the alternative tool.

Fits these Oil Filters: Ferrari 197654, 234742, 195363, Maserati 188814, 289571

*25 NM = 18.5 foot pounds for 348/355/360 filter, 30NM = 22 foot pounds for F430 filter.