Protective Knock-Off Wrench


P1098 Protective Knock-Off Wrench: $29.95

The GENTLEST tool for your knock-offs!

Note: Photo on car shows Jaguar version, but this part fits: MG, Triumph, Austin Healey, Morgan, and Sunbeam.

Even the specialty knock-off hammers will mar and blemish those chrome plated spinners. But fit this high-density, seventeen-layer laminated wood wrench over your knock-off and get perfect protection against marring. Nothing else on the market is as soft to your knock-offs, plus this wrench gives you more than three times the torque of hitting your knock-off directly! Gentle and powerful!

Wrench stores easily in your trunk, and is very affordable. Don't leave home without it!


"It’s a great tool. I had gotten a new set of eared knock-offs for my MGB only to discover that the chrome plating is flaking off with only enough whacks with the lead hammer sufficient for one tire change. These must be made in China now, most unfortunate. But your tool will enable my Chinese knock-offs to last much longer now. I’ll be keeping it in the boot." Bryan K, Hollister, CA