Seat Belt Guide


P1198TR Guide, Seat Belt, Triumph, Black: $29.95

This clever Guide keeps your shoulder strap properly over your shoulder instead of chafing against your neck or even falling off your shoulder. It also keeps your strap ready to grab when getting into your Triumph. Furthermore, it eliminates those twists you always have to untangle when retrieving the shoulder strap and seat belt from alongside your seat.

This is a remedy available both by original equipment makers and the aftermarket on other cars, but needed badly for our TRs.

Sold by the pair


"Oh yes, I also bought a set of your seat belt holders and love them. No more tangled mess to contend with when I get in the car and the diagonal belt actually stays on my shoulder. A GREAT product!"

-Thank you, Marshall

"Just received the guides and have them installed on my TR7. Excellent fit. Very pleased. Finally someone has come up with these. Always been a pain to get hold of belt after getting in car. I have always been trying to think of a way to hold them as these guides do. Now problem solved."

-G. French; S Plymouth, NY