Seven Piece Ribbed Rubber Console Mat Set


P1187 Seven Piece Ribbed Rubber Console Mat Set: $24.95

Add a little practical utility and luxury to your PT with this Mat Set!

No tools required; simply drop these perfectly fitting pieces into your PT's center console, and enjoy!

  • Instantly much nicer appearance.

  • Soft touch feel--truly luxurious to the touch.

  • Stops the annoying rattling of objects against your console bottom.

  • Prevents objects sliding around (and scratching!) your console compartments.

  • Makes it easy to pick items up from ribbed surface (ever try retrieving a dime from the bottom of your console?!)

  • Keeps the dirt, etc. from collecting in the screw wells of your console.

  • Easy to clean-- just remove and rinse!

Inexpensive at just $24.95 for the entire set of seven pieces! You will LOVE this product!