Stiffener Brace Kits


P1080 Miata Rear Stiffener Brace Kit: $39.95

P1081 Miata Front Stiffener Brace Kit: $34.95

Mazda has now made front and rear stiffener braces standard on all Miatas, but your early car can have the same improved handling with these kits!

These Braces "close the box" on the rear and front subframes, thereby making the subframes significantly stiffer. They tighten up the steering response, provide a better ride, and even help in reducing the Miata's tendency to vibrate at highway speeds.

The rear brace fits all Miatas before the 1992 model year, when Mazda added welded brackets and tubes as standard equipment. The front brace fits Miatas before 1994.

Easy to install and unlike others, these kits require no drilling into your car!