Super Quality Fender Shields


P1219 Cloisonne enamel/chrome shields, PAIR: $319.00

P1219C Carbon fiber/chrome shields, PAIR: $429.00

Absolutely the finest aftermarket shields available! Offered in cloisonné enamel or carbon fiber.

The yellow enamel shields are true cloisonne shields – a chrome plated metal base with enamel that is baked, ground, and polished. Nearly indistinguishable from original factory shields in color and quality. Dimensions as per original - 100mm x 82mm x 1.4mm (approx 4" x 3.25"). Very thin but not so thin that they look like a decal! Pre-cut and attached 3M (not generic) thin film adhesive provided with shields. No drilling or fender recess is required.

The carbon fiber shields are are of chromed metal and carbon fiber - just like original. They are the equal of factory shields in design and quality. Dimensions - 100mm x 82mm x 1.6mm (approx 4" x 3.25"). Pre-cut and attached 3M (not generic) VHB foam adhesive backing (no drilling or fender recess required).

All shield styles are custom contoured to fit the Mondial, TR, 308, 328, 348, 355, 360, 430, 456, 550, 575, 599, 612, California, and others (NOT one size fits all).