The British Wheel Wrench for Elan


P1096 The British Wheel Wrench for Lotus Elan: $59.95

A superior tool for removing your wheel nuts! Never ding another fender or dent another wheel with the old hammer-and-stubby-wrench technique.

This wrench generates lots of torque, and gives you control -- you can feel how tight your wheel nut is. This wrench will remove stubborn nuts your old wrench struggles with. No owner or garage should be without it.

Wrench stores easily in your trunk, and is very affordable (much less than the cost of a dented fender repair!). Don't leave home without it!

Fits Lotus Elan octagonal knock-offs.

Note: Excessive force should not be used with this wrench. It is not designed for stuck KO's etc. Do not stand/jump on wrench.

Wrench measures 2.5 inches across the flats.