TR3 & TR4 Center Console


P1032 TR3 & TR4 Center Console: $139.95

Bonus Discount on 3 PCOMBO: TR3 Center Console Products; RED Insulator

Add this Center Console to your cockpit for a terrific improvement in comfort and utility! Similar to the vintage aftermarket consoles once made by AMCO, this Console is the perfect addition to your TR3, TR3A TR3B, or TR4. It gives you a place to rest your elbow or arm, a place for your beverage or spare change, and a hidden storage compartment in a car where such extra space is sorely needed.

The Padded Armrest is made of Leather. It feels and smells great. It is hand sewn and upholstered with tacks just as if it was made back in the 60s.

The Console base is made of tough, durable ABS. It is black and grained to match other black interior accents (shift boot, shift knob, steering wheel, gauge faces, etc.) so it goes with any interior color scheme. White piping for the Leather Armrest is available for no charge if you ask for it.

The Armrest is hinged, and the storage box underneath is large enough for several small items.

The Console sits easily in place on the tunnel, and it is recommended that you fasten it to the tunnel using a screw through the storage compartment.

Please consider buying our Neoprene British Beverage Insulator, as it fits perfectly in the front cup holder of this console.

Add the finishing touch to this console with the custom rubber mat.

#PCOMBO Bonus Discount: Buy both "extras" and receive $1 off each.