New 2021 Design Opens Lid Wider

Trunk Lift Kit--New Design for 2021!


P1078 Miata Trunk Lift Kit for 1990-2005: $39.95

1078RH Miata Trunk Lift Kit for use with P1078 Lift Kit: $39.95

P1078L Replacement Gas Cylinder--2021 design (works with all Kits from June, 2003 to present): $17.95

NEW for 2021! Redesigned Custom Gas Spring now opens trunk lid higher!

Install this kit and your trunk lid will smoothly open with just a turn of the key!

Our premium kit includes a high-quality gas-charged prop and powder coated bracket to provide a smooth, dampened lift action, and an easy non-dampened closing. Almost invisible when installed.

We've been making this high quality kit for over 25 years, and have sold thousands of them wholesale. This is THE kit.

Note: for heavy spoilers or luggage racks, this Lift Kit may not provide adequate lifting. We are now making a Lift Kit that can be installed on the RH side of the trunk (opposite the side the original Kit installs). To offer double and balanced lifting capacity simply install Both Kits. Note: This kit requires 90-97 Miatas to move their spare tire. This is Part #P1078RH.


"My brother purchased one of these lifts for his miata and raved about it so he directed me to you."


"Unbelievable. This is best item I have purchased for my Miata. This trunk lift kit is something all trunk lids need no matter what spoiler or luggage rack for that matter is added to your Miata. (Or any sports car for that matter) Took about 15 minutes to install. You obviously have a winner here. Put it on because I also just added a rear spoiler which put added weight to the trunk and it wouldn't open up at all when unlocked. Way too heavy. Now it opens flawlessly by itself." Thanks