Two-Piece Transmission Cover for TR4, 4A, 250, 5, 6


P1211 Trans Cover, TR4-6: $105.95

OE #713569

This Cover has three distinct advantages over the one-piece models!

1. Easier to Install. The one piece models are stiff, bulky, and unwieldy. This part is a breeze to get in position, and is made of tough but flexible polyethylene.

2. Allows Serviceability. If you or your mechanic ever need access, this cover has just paid for itself! Without having to remove the difficult bell housing and forward fasteners, you can get wonderfully open access to your A or J type overdrive, your back-up lamp switch, your speedometer angle drive, or your pressure test orifice! (Note: If your old Cover has the Metal "bulge" Plate for clearing the OD and Angle Drive, you must transfer the Plate from your old Cover to this one--or buy our fiberglass reproduction part).

3. Cost. Although manufacturing this as a two-piece design produces a more expensive part, your total cost is actually Less because it does not require the extra $20 oversize shipping fee on top of the regular shipping charges!

4. Note: If you need a new Seal Kit, we have the same one that TRF and others use here.