Visor Blanking Plates


P1127PL Miata Visor Blanking Plates (pair): $12.95

P1127CH Miata Visor Blanking Plates, chrome finish (pair): $14.95

Tremendous aid for taller drivers! Replace your visors with these handsome Blanking Plates!

Many drivers remove their visors for significantly better visibility as well as a cleaner appearance. These Blanking Plates fill the hole left behind.

Other Plates are machined and glossy-smooth, and sometimes brittle. Our Plates are molded and textured just like the visor anchors that came with your car, plus ours are virtually unbreakable. Available in black, as well as chrome finish. (The chrome is Vacuum Metalized, the same type of plating used on most modern interior car parts, but it is over the textured--not flat--surface of the Visor Plate).

Fits 1990 - 2005 Miatas


"Dear Robert, The sun visor plates are arrived today, perfect items and service!"

-Many thanks, Alessandro

"Very nice item. Fitment is just perfect. Thanks!"

-E. Ravenswaaij; Uden, Netherlands