Auxiliary Sill Protectors (1999+)


P1170AL Miata Sill Tip Set (pair); aluminum finish: $19.95

P1170BK Part Miata Sill Tip Set (pair); black finish: $19.95

Protect the paint on your sills from damage with these inexpensive and attractive pieces.

The 1999 and up Miatas come with a handsome sill protector...but the factory left it short! The most prominent edge is left bare--subject to unsightly scratches and rust.

These Still Tips work in conjunction with the factory's, and are made of solid aluminum with adhesive backing. Installation is a snap and requires no tools.

Available in black or aluminum finish.


"The Miata black sill tips set arrived today in excellent condition. I used a black sharpie to darken the exposed aluminum edges and added a little extra double-sided tape, just to be on the safe side. The sill tips now cover up some nasty scratches, and they look great! I am VERY pleased, and it usually takes a lot to impress me. But I am impressed with the quality of your product."