Dual Strut Hood Lift Kit (& replacement struts)


P1171 PT Hood Lift Kit: $109.95

P1172 Bright Stainless Steel Cover Kit: $29.95

P1171L Replacement Gas Spring/Strut (sold individually): $19.95

Enjoy one-handed convenience raising and lowering your PT hood with this trick kit!

Lift your hood just part way, and the pneumatic cylinders take over to gently raise it all the way up. Never again face the annoyance of using the manual factory prop.

This is the best kit on the market. Our kit fits best and lifts best. (Other kits have under-closed-hood interference and do not do a good job of lifting!). Sturdy, powder-coated steel brackets, and high quality hardware. Installation is easy, requiring minimal tools and no drilling.

These kits look best with our Bright Stainless Steel Cover Kit.


This is a fine product and was very easy to install. It took about 30 minutes. The item was a little pricey but fit perfect and VERY well made. It replaced the orignal poorly designed factory prop which damaged the hood. I highly recommend this product.
Chester K
Harrison, AR

Gerry M
Chanhassen, MN

I installed the PT Cruiser "Dual Strut Hood Lift Kit" on my PT GT late this morning. It all went very smoothly, and works fine. I appreciate the well made, well designed, and nicely powder coated parts supplied with the kit !
Quality is not a given, and this Kit was obviously "well thought out" during the R&D days! It has been a pleasure to be engaged with You/your company, and this product. Thank You and best wishes.
D. Norris
Carmel, IN