Lightweight Mesh Grille Kit for MGA MkII


P1192MK2 Mesh Grille Kit, MGA, 1962 MKII Recessed Grille: $149.95

Spoil your MGA with a beautiful Mesh Grille!

This is the ultimate upgrade of form and function: Killer Good Looks, and Superlative Cooling Ability.

From vintage to modern times, race cars and elite sports cars wore mesh, and MG racers were no exception. While ably protecting the radiator from stones and other debris, they allow far more air to your radiator than common slatted grilles, even when every other slat is removed! And on top of that they just look incredible.

This kit fits aftermarket as well as original MGA grilles. Installation involves removing the slat assembly from your current grille, and replacing it with our formed mesh and custom brackets. This is not a difficult task, requiring only a few basic tools.

Kit comes with detailed illustrated instructions, to transform your MGA into an eye-catching and better performing sports car. Made of bright, stainless steel.


"Fits fine, provides significant improvement in airflow, and looks great. Thank you."

-Ulrich A.--Twin Cam MGA owner